Not Missing The Football At All

A month since the season ended and I have to admit I’m not missing it.

The protracted squabbling over the ownership of the club has gone on for far too long but it’s reached a point where I don’t care about the outcome I just want it sorted. Maybe then my interest will return when some players are signed and I can look forward to the first pre-season game at Stourport. At the moment all I’m looking forward to is seeing Motley Crüe at the NEC on Friday.

I’ve kept my eye in this week, however, by watching some of the Women’s European Championship on TV. At times watching the England games was like watching the Harriers: poor defending at set-pieces, no cutting edge in attack, basic footballing skills missing. I couldn’t help wondering what the outcome would be of a game between the top women players and a team such as the Harriers, and also why, when the quality was at the level it was that there were five figure attendances at the games and the lower end of the Football League and the top of the Conference only get 3-4000.

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