Harriers Put Up For Sale
October 6, 2010

Harriers Put Up For Sale

Chairman Barry Norgrove has this morning put the football club up for sale.

The current financial situation that most peopl in the country find themselves in, which is not helping the Chairman's buiiding business, has had a massive hand in his decision.  In a statement on the Official Website he says, "I have been here for ten years and have done all I possibly can, and we have had some success along the way.  But I just feel now that, with my own business struggling, and with the tragic loss of one of our Directors earlier this year in Gordon Howard, I am not in a position to take Kidderminster Harriers forward in the way I would like.

"We need fresh investment to get where we want to be at the higher end of the table and I just do not have the finances to do that and I feel I am holding the club back.  We're looking for somebody or a group to come in and buy the club, and I am willing to take a step back to help that happen if that is what's required.

"I want absolutely nothing for myself here - just for people to come in and work, as I have, as hard as possible for the progress of the club.  We aren't in any massive debt or danger at this moment but we do now need a change to help carry things on because it is a struggle. We are at a stage now where every club needs a financial backer.

"I have always had the club at heart - my father was here before me and I have been here for a decade, and I hope the supporters can appreciate that.  We have some hardcore fans who back the team at home and away and I have to do this for them, as well as all of the local businesses and individuals who have helped us financially over my years at the club - my thanks go to each and every one of those people".

Speculation is sure to be rife in the coming days and weeks as to likely prospective new owners.  There are those amongst the Harriers fanbase who have expressed the opinion that should this exact situation arise there would be more than a few individuals or businesses looking to step in.  Given the lack of investment that has been fothcoming to the club over the last few years that seems unlikely, but now that the club is on the open market we shall finally find out one way or the other.