Harriers Docked Five Points
January 6, 2011

Harriers Docked Five Points

The Football Conference have levied a penalty of five points on the Harriers following a hearing into a charge of misconduct.

To go with the points loss is a fine of £5000 which is suspended for two years.  A statement on the Conference website reads, "A Personal Hearing requested by Kidderminster Harriers to consider a charge of Misconduct levied under Membership Rule 18, for an alleged breach of clause 3.3 of the Competition’s Financial Reporting Initiative, was conducted by a Panel of members independent from the Conference National Division on Thursday (6th January).

"Upon the club’s own admission incorrect submissions had been made on four occasions between January & October 2010 which caused the Football Conference to be misled. Kidderminster Harriers was, therefore, found guilty of Misconduct for submitting false information relating to Crown debt.

"The club was deducted five (5) points from its league table score and fined £5,000. The fine is suspended for two years."

Harriers have 14 days in which to appeal, until which time the league table will remain unaltered leaving Harriers on the fringe of the play-off race.  As the table stands the deduction would drop Harriers down to ninth place.

Histon were also up in front of the Conference on a similar charge and were hit with a similar punishment; their points deduction will send them to the foot of the table.