Harriers Heading For Reprieve
February 9, 2011

Harriers Heading For Reprieve

Late last night Harriers announced that a donation had been received that guarantees the short-term future of the club.

Following on from the ongoing campaign by KHIST that had seen both local and national media bombarded, along with social networking websites, to raise the profile of the plight of the club and garner donations approaching £15000 in total the Official Website posted the following statement:

The Board of Kidderminster Harriers Football Club is delighted to announce that there have been new developments at the Club.

A band of principled supporters have donated a substantial amount of money which has given the Club a reprieve from entering into the legal and financial process in the short term.

Furthermore, discussions are taking place with potential new investors. All parties have agreed to a strict confidentiality agreement whilst a short period of due diligence takes place.

In addition, the Board are also extremely thankful to Mr. Barry Norgrove and Mr. Neil Savery, who have today given money to pay the outstanding wage bill for all staff.

The Board would like to thank KHIST and all those who are working tirelessly to raise funds for the Football Club and, once again thank the staff, players and supporters for their support through this difficult time.

KHIST continue with their drive to bring in a bumper crowd for this weekend's home game with Altrincham.  The hope is to fill the stadium to capacity which would generate a further £100000 in income for the club.  Already supporters of a number of local clubs such as Aston Villa and Birmingham City have suggested that large numbers of them will be attending with their normal clubs playing away from home.

Those wanting to donate to the fund, or to join KHIST, can head over to their website.