New Stadium For Harriers
August 17, 2017

New Stadium For Harriers

Harriers have announced ambitious plans to move the club from their current home at Aggborough to a new stadium on the edge of town.

The plan would see the training ground on Zortech Avenue redeveloped to include a stadium with a capacity almost double that of Aggborough as well as artificial pitches for use by the youth and academy teams and educational facilities.

The stated aim of the move is to make the club more a part of the community but for most moving to a site well away from the town and away from transport links seems to be moving it away from the community.

Chairman Colin Gordon told the club's website, "

Now is the time for us to be thinking about the future. I fully understand and respect that there is a sentiment around Aggborough Stadium as a footballing venue – it’s played big part in my career both a long time ago and more recently too.

"But the simple fact of the matter is that we cannot be at the heart of our community if we’re sat in the middle of a housing estate – the local population is growing dramatically and we just aren’t physically in the right position to offer what we believe a football club should offer its community.

"On a Saturday afternoon we want the entire area to come and watch an attractive, winning product on the pitch, but from Monday to Friday we want people to come and learn with Kidderminster Harriers; to be educated and taught and to develop. We want to have artificial pitches that friends and colleagues can use to play football themselves and have the site as a place that acts as a real hub for the community."