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An Improvement On The Road

After that dreadful opener things could surely only get better in the next two games away from Aggborough.

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Not The Start We Hoped For

It took less than ten minutes for the air of optimism that was surrounding Aggborough to evaporate on Saturday.

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It’s All Gone Quiet Over Here

After that promising early flurry of new signings and contract renewals it’s all gone quiet at Aggborough.

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Preparations Begun

My view on which players would be released and which would stay wasn’t very accurate, there were a few surprises in the initial “Retained List”.

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Thankfully It’s Nearly Over

After the garbage served up at Dagenham at the weekend I have to admit I can’t wait for the season to end.

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Safety Guaranteed

I thought that it was quite possibly the dullest game I have watched all season but ugly as it was the three points gained by beating Cambridge (again) mean that Conference football will be at Aggborough again next season.